What is a Mobile Signal Booster, and Do I Need It?

Having a faulty signal is no way to live. You may need to be available 24/7 for work, for your kid’s school, for emergency situations. After all, having the comfort of always being available for a chat online with your friends and family shouldn’t feel like a luxury.

We want to present you a great product you might not know about yet – a mobile signal booster. It will make sure you have a steady and strong 5 bar signal in every corner of your space.

A mobile signal booster is a device that enhances your mobile signal indoors.

What comes in a package?

When you get a mobile signal booster, it’s not just a single device. It needs components to operate and better your signals.

Most sellers sell the whole system as a whole, while others may ask you to purchase the parts separately.

But here are the essentials that you need in order for your booster to be able to do its job:

  • The booster unit itself
  • The outdoor antenna
  • The Indoor antenna
  • 2 coaxial cables to connect the system.

There are 2 types of outdoor antennas – directional or panel and an Omni – direction or Yagi. The directional ones work better in remote areas, where you know exactly where your nearest tower is and face the antenna in that direction.

The Yagi one works better in crowded places, like big cities or towns, where you have a higher density of cell towers are high, and you can’t really tell which tower you are getting a signal from and which one of them omits the strongest signal for you.

Likewise, the indoor antennas can be dome or panel. The dome antennas need to be placed on the ceiling and work best in open spaces, while the panel ones need to be placed on the wall usually, and work best in long and narrow spaces.

Do I need a signal booster?

Now that you know what exactly is a signal booster and how it works, here are some signs that you actually need one.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, then you need a booster.

  • A weak signal indoors
  • Breaking calls and freezing images on video chats
  • Signal dead-zones in your space
  • Data downloads take forever


There you have it, people! Now you know what a mobile signal booster is, how it works and whether or not you need one.

Make sure you are always accessible, and the world is available to you at the tip of your finger with this great device that doesn’t require monthly payments and is a one time purchase with a lifetime solution.