Unstable wifi signal can be a real headache as most activities you perform nowadays are connected to the Internet. You wouldn’t keep encyclopedias around you to get the answers to your questions, would you? Whether you need to carry out research for your school paper, play games online or work remotely- a stable and reliable connection is a must-have.

The problem with an unstable internet connection becomes even more complicated if you live in a large house. In this case, you will have to buy a complex system with several routers and cables.

Don’t hurry to waste your time on buying these endless cables and installing them. We have great news for you! You can tackle this problem easily with the help of a tiny device called a wifi range extender or booster.

This incredible device will make you forget all the problems related to weak internet signals. Your family members will no longer fight whether someone plays their favorite game or another has to take part in an important online meeting.


A wifi booster extends your existing wifi network coverage by catching the signal from your router and amplifying it.

You shouldn’t waste your time and money on a complex network system. All you have to do is plug in the wifi booster, and there you are!

Keep in mind that this is true only if your booster has the extender mode.

If the wifi booster you’re going to place in your house has more than 2 modes, you should choose the mode first, then start configuring based on the provided instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even the best wifi extender on the market never creates a wifi signal. Remember that these devices only boost the existing signal coming from your router.


Some wifi extenders have 4 modes- router, AP, bridge, and extender.

Router – This mode helps you create a wifi network from a LAN connection.


Extender – Its name says it all. When you choose this mode, the device functions as a wifi range extender and extends your existing signal to other parts of your home.

Bridge – This mode helps you create subnetworks for other members of your family (network for kids, for instance). You can also create a separate subnetwork for your house guests and keep your password protected from everyone.

AP – This mode helps you connect wireless devices by creating an access point for them. For this mode, you’ll need to have a LAN network․

Remember that each mode has a different configuration process. So, it’s always better to research and install the one that ideally fits your needs.


Sounds great, right?

Well, here are a few rules you should consider when using the top wifi extender on the market:

Make sure you put it in the right place – Don’t place the booster too far from the router or too close to it. Measure the distance carefully; otherwise, your wifi network connection won’t change at all.

Choose a strong one – A weak wifi range extender won’t cover all the rooms of your house. So, check its strength before buying one.

Have a stable signal – As we’ve mentioned before, you need to have a stable internet connection if you want to extend it to the other corners of your house. Without a steady network, the signal tech wifi booster will never work correctly.